Cooperation with Icelandic organizations on arctic matters

Arctic Services works in cooperation with Icelandic organizations on arctic matters such as the Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network and the


Arctic Services is a member of several Icelandic organizations on arctic matters.

An overview of them can be seen below.


The Greenlandic - Icelandic Chamber of Commerce

The company's purpose is to promote trade and economic cooperation of the two countries. 

The company will seek to work with the companies in Iceland and Greenland, which work on similar projects. To promote these objectives, the company will, as they arise, will organize educational meetings and conferences and provide information on employment, investment opportunities and business opportunities in Greenland and Iceland.


 Icelandi-Arctic Chamber of Commerce

The Icelandic-Arctic Chamber of Commerce (IACC) will operate similarly to bilateral Chambers of Commerce already active under ICoC´s wing, creating a commercial platform for companies all over Iceland and other stakeholders in the increasing economic activities in the Arctic region, as well as providing information on arctic issues. 

The IACC will furthermore work closely with Icelandic authorities, universities and research forums as well as other interested parties, to encourage lucrative, yet responsible harnessing of business opportunities in the Arctic, for the long term benefit of the Icelandic economy as well as for Icelandic society in general.

The Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network

The Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network is a platform to facilitate cooperation amongs Icelandic public and private organizations, institutions, businesses and bodies involved in Arctic issues.

The main aim of the IACN is to increase the visibility and understanding of Arctic issues and create a link between the institutes and individuals working on those issues in Iceland.




Heklan - Suðurnes Business Developement Agency

Heklan, Suðurnes Business Developement Agency is a cooperative between municipalities in the region and Iceland´s Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. 

Heklan supports and promotes business and investment in the area in cooperation with individuals, businessess, organizations , municipalities and other stakeholders.
Heklan manages local and central government business grants and offers industrial and financial expertise for business promotion.

Heklan supports innovation in local companys manages an incubator for start-up companys and pioneers.
Our role is to promote, enhance and lobby for regional business advance.

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"SAR" -  Federation of employers on the Reykjanes Peninsula

 Founded May 27th 2010 

To try to create new projects and work with municipalities and governmental parties to find ways to increase jobs.  Founding parties where 30 at the time but are now over 120 from all types of trades.

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Promote Iceland

Promote Iceland is a public-private partnership established to improve the competitiveness of Icelandic companies in foreign markets and to stimulate economic growth through increased export.

The goals of Promote Iceland are promoting Iceland as a tourism destination, assisting in the promotion of Icelandic culture abroad, and introducing Iceland as an attractive option for foreign direct investment.

Promote Iceland also assists Icelandic companies seeking to grow internationally through competence building programs as well as international events, such as trade fairs, press trips, and trade delegations. This is done in close cooperation with Icelandic embassies and consulates abroad, as well as bilateral chambers of commerce. 


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