Akureyri International Airport: daily flights to Reykjavik & Iceland with Air Iceland & Norlandair

Akureyri International Airport offers daily flights to Reykjavík & other destinations in Iceland, according to the schedules of Air Iceland & Norlandair.

Akureyri International Airport


Akureyri International Airport is open all year. There are daily flights to Reykjavík and good connections to other destinations in Iceland, according to the schedules of Air Iceland (Flugfélag Ísland) and Norlandair.

Chartered flights

Chartered flights are available to destinations in Iceland and overseas, with travel agencies offering direct flights to several destinations. Norlandair is responsible for chartered flights to Greenland.

Duty free shopping is available for international travellers with a wide range of goods on offer.


Other services

The airport also provides the centre for ambulance and emergency flights within Iceland. Akureyri Aviation Academy (Flugskóli Akureyrar) is also based at the airport.

Technical information

  • Akureyri International Airport has one runway, which is 2400 m x 45 m and can safely accommodate the largest airplanes.
  • Approach control equipment and lighting has been recently upgraded and both new ILS and GPS approach have been installed.
  • Fire and rescue services at the airport are in accordance with CAT 5 and can be raised to CAT 7 on request.

Further information

Further information can be found in AIP (The Aeronautical Information Publication).



Arctic Services

  • Hafnarstræti 91
    600 Akureyri

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