Norlandair: aviation services in the Arctic, survey flights, medevac & SAR service

"Norlandair provides aviation services in the Arctic, including both charter and scheduled flights, as well as survey flights, medevac flights and SAR


Norlandair provides aviation services in the challenging environment of the Arctic, including both charter and scheduled flights.  We also offer services such as:complete logistical services (including procurement of goods), survey
flights, medevac flights and SAR service (search and rescue). 

Our fleet - Norlandair’s aircraft fleet includes:

Three De Havilland Twin Otters:

  • each can be configured with 19 seats
  • can be equipped with skis, for landing on snow or ice, and balloon tiers that can operate on rough terrain 
  • specially fitted with antennas for different scientific instruments, bubble windows, camera holes, etc , for conducting survey flights

Beechcraft King Air 200:

  •   seats up to seven passengers
  •   equipped with pressurised cabins, certified up to 28,000 feet, and turboprop engines
  •   capable of operating from shorter runways  than any aircraft in its class
  •   has the necessary life support equipment  for ambulance flights 
Norlandair can also facilitate other aircraft types if required,
e. g.  Dash 7/8, Fokker 50, Antonov 12 and Hercules C130. 

About Norlandair

Founded in 2008, Norlandair is built on the long experience and know-how of a company of the same name that dated back to 1974.  Our customers are mainly Danish public institutions and metal and oil exploration companies. Despite our relative young age Norlandair was recognised by Creditinfo as one of Iceland’s strongest companies in 2011. 




Arctic Services

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    600 Akureyri

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